Kim Duncan is the author of the book "Let Me Be" which is currently available for purchase on Kim has over twelve years of experience coaching and training individuals around the globe aiding in personal, professional and business development. Let Me Be contains delectable tidbits of knowledge to shift and refocus on that which is truly important to the reader.  Kim offers the opportunity for reflection and takeaway activities that supports the reader in their newfound journey towards reconnecting with their core beliefs and values. Secure your copy of "Let Me Be" by going to Amazon at:

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Tailored Services

 At Powerful Growth, Inc., we assess your needs prior to recommending any programs to you. We believe that your investment in yourself or your business should be allotted to what makes the most impact as a result of the knowledge that you gain. We want this program to work for you and your business so we take the time up front to ensure that we are familiar with your needs and things that you are passionate about. Once established, our team will work with you to construct a plan to accomplish your goals. Whether it is individual needs, business outcomes or group trainings, we've got you covered.  

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Specialized Training

We have delivered specialized training to over 3000 people globally helping them to advance their businesses and career. From Lean-Agile Frameworks including (SAFe, Scrum and Kanban), tool trainings such as Jira and role-specific courses such as scrum master, product owner, quality assurance analyst, agile coach and more to soft skills such as facilitation and problem solving, our trainers are sure to liven up the classroom while delivering tons of industry best practices and real-world scenarios.  

Who will benefit from our services: Senior Leadership, Mid-Level Leadership, Teams, Individuals, Solopreneurs, Consultants, Trainers, Entrepreneurs. 

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Business Coaching Services

Business Coaching services are also available and cover the following topics: Creating a business plan, creating systems, generating clients, working in an Agile/Lean environment, leadership, listening skills, communication skills and more. 


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Training Courses

  • Leading SAFe (SA Certification)
  • SAFe Scrum Master (SSM Certification)
  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (PMPO Certification)
  • Overcoming Objections as an Agile Practitioner (TBD)
  • Agile/Lean Roadmapping (TBD)
  • Building Systems (TBD)
  • Agile/Lean Basics (TBD)
  • Better Retrospectives (TBD)
  • Problem-Solving (TBD)
  • Creating Agile Artifacts (TBD)
  • Agile Testing (TBD)
  • Listening for Gold (TBD)
  • The Heart of a Coach (TBD)
  • Agile/Lean Tools (TBD)
  • JIRA Basics (TBD)